You’ve searched the myRE360 Deal List and found a deal that makes sense.  After communicating extensively with the seller you submit an offer that is accepted.   In addition to making sure the status is updated on the MLS, you should also make sure you update the status on myRE360.  

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process:

  • Find a deal you are interested in by searching the Deal List
  • Ensure you agree with the value and run comps if necessary
  • Make sure you are capable of performing on the deal
  • Start communicating with the Seller on myRE360 and ensure you have the property under contract legally

Changing the Property Status

If  you are a buyer on a property and would like to notify the seller to change the property status, it’s simple.  Simply go to the deal page and above messages you will find the option to Change Deal Status

Changing the status will send a notification to the seller that the buyer is requesting that the status should be updated.  Once the seller approves, the status will be displayed as Under Contract. 

If you are a seller changing the status because you have now found a buyer, the process is basically the same. First, go to the deal page.  Second, locate the Change Status option above the messages.  

If the buyer is a myRE360 member you will be presented with the names of the buyers you have been communicating with regarding the deal.  If the buyer is not on myRE360 select no.