local professionals

Learning real estate is not a one size fits all. Learn from real pros in your local market. Not the national "only this weekend" spend thousands of dollars guy.

request feedback

Took a course and now you have a question? Send feedback to your educator for a personal response to your specific issue or to let them know how they're doing.

integrated tools

Not only can you learn real estate investing, but you can find your team, find your deal, and manage your project all with your one myRE360 account.

continuous learning

myRE360 education is accessible 24/7 with new content added weekly. One week you can learn wholesaling, another week hard money lending, and another being an agent investor.

Why Education on myRE360?

myRE360 real estate investing education is for investors of all levels.  If you are a beginner you will find 101 courses that will teach you the high level basics of real estate investing strategies like wholesaling and also give you the tools to be successful at wholesaling by utilizing our project management tool.   If you are an experienced investor, you will find advanced education that is geared towards providing new strategies and tactics to be successful in your market and to help you grow and scale your business.

Our featured educators are from local markets who have been vetted as trusted professionals and selected to teach on specific topics that you will not find anywhere else.  myRE360 is dedicated to finding real estate investor specific education by people who are in the industry and are investor friendly.  Learn everything about real estate insurance for investors from the owner of an insurance brokerage and investor.  Learn how to grow your rental business from an investor who owns and self manages hundreds of doors.  

Real estate education should be accessible to everyone and with myRE360 you can learn and grow your business for free.

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