myRE360 TV

360TV was created to expose real estate investors to the tricks of the trade and the stories of real life investors.  Have a recommendation for the show?  Send us a message at hello@myRE360.com 

Season 1 | The Best Damn Real Estate Show

Every Thursday at 8 PM we go live with The Best Damn Real Estate Show.  You can watch live in YouTube and Facebook

Ep1 | Diversifying Retirement with Real Estate

In episode 1, we talked with Lauren Lockett of Lockett-N-Homes about how she took her retirement diversification to another level. In only a few years she has acquired over 60 doors, which she self-manages, and dove all the way into the real estate business.

Ep2 | All Bets On Me

In episode 2, we talked with Breon & Ronda Swanigan of Prolific Properties about how they jump started their real estate business and grew to 8 properties in their first 18 months of real estate.

Ep3 | The Power of Leverage

In episode three of 360TV, we had the great privilege of having Anthony and Mika Davis, owners of Black Island Co LLC, discuss their backstory and how they got into the real estate business. They mention “the power of leverage”, “being the opportunity”, and also “getting paid for your network”.

Ep4 | Being a Builder w/Dream Motivates

In episode four of 360TV, Darrion and I talked with Joaquin Calbazana a.k.a Dream Motivates. We discussed Calbanza’s first build, how he became a motivational speaker, and the struggles he faced at the beginning of his real estate career. Calbanza explained his passion for helping others and turning every situation into a good experience.

Ep5 | Wholesaling w/Marcus Gaynor

In episode five of 360TV, we had the honor of speaking with Marcus Gaynor, a 14 plus year vet in the industry who has made his claim to fame by being one of the top wholesalers in the Southwest. 

Watch Live on Thursday, Feb 11

In episode six of 360TV, we will interview Queen Johnson.